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The Collective

So far, 2020 seems to be a year of intensity, overwhelm, uncertainty and a kind of upheaval. Not what most of us hoped and planned for needless to say. And yet, here we are, on the precipice of something new. It is not pretty. Full of potential fear and anxiety. Navigating these heavy, confusing and sometimes devastating times is not easy. But, we can and we will, together.

I, usually, live my life from a place of deep thinking, intuition and trust. I got here through difficult, challenging and painful journeys. Each new devastation that seemed to come at me like an avalanche, required me to keep getting back up, find the sliver of light within the mess and carry on. I learned how to redirect, reroute, allow myself to take the path I hadn't considered. I learned to trust. I learned to be quiet and listen, discovering the answers always come in the silence. I learned the importance of staying heart centered, breathing into a place of deep calm and staying out of fear. I love seeing this has truly become my way of living and is no longer something I have to think about.

I have been able to bring this quality to all of my work. I am beyond grateful when I can help someone push through something and navigate themselves through choppy waters. This

time now is really our collective beings navigating through some powerful and overwhelming fearful and unknowing situations.

I usually look at situations from the holistic perspective. The whole view. I am intrigued that this coronavirus is a respiratory illness. Our lungs carry grief. SO much grief being held within so many people. We live our lives in such madness, busyness, avoidance, addiction, numbing out. Our full and honest expression is rarely expressed. We carry on every day but with most of us carrying such heavy burdens. How curious that, the world, is expressing that withheld emotion with a mass virus that is forcing time apart, going quiet and moving slow. Fear and grief being an overall expression. I am not intending to take this lightly, I am simply offering up another view.

We also, more often than not, breathe in a very shallow manner. Many breathe just to the edge of the throat, never mind filling the lungs. This shallow breathing activates panic in the body. We create a constant state of fear and anxiety simply by how we breathe. The lungs are the constant cycle of life. They are responsible for taking in the new and letting go of the old. Deep belly breathing helps release the pent-up grief and opens the lungs to full to capacity. It is in these upsetting and confusing times that our deep breathing can be our saving grace. Bring calm, connection and a level of peace into your body. It changes everything you do.

My services do offer a respite and help your body/ spirit manage the fear and tension. Our bodies are dense and are the last to release trauma and stress. Ongoing anxiety causes blocks in the flow of our body and its function as well as creating stagnant energy. Lymphatic therapy can do wonders to slow the system down as well as boost your immune system. Reiki soothes the soul and allows movement and release of the subtle body. Acupressure points address organs in your body. The Belly Treatment is beautiful in its ability to reduce anxiety, encourage relaxation and soothe the nervous system. My Doga classes offer deep and intentional stretching and movement which is vital to our physical and emotional health.

I have many practitioners in my network who can provide numerous modalities to help us as we navigate our way on this new and unknown path. Reach out. We are here, its what we do. And we offer ourselves with love and pure intention, always.

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