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Ritual and Rhythm

I love ritual. I love the word. I love the concept. I love the action. I love the tools and words that I use while performing ritual. I love the calming effect ritual provides. Rituals can be incredibly helpful with so many parts of life. They can become a sacred tool providing a kind of nourishment and peace within.  Rituals are sometimes given to us when we are young. Often through a religious focus, sometimes a community process, other times simply through our home lives. As we mature and move on, we can sometimes forget these practices either by accident or design. I have enjoyed creating new ritual practices that have their roots in my Catholic upbringing but are decidedly Pagan in form. I find that I can create a level of peace and calm for myself when I keep at least some level of devotion to my ritual practices.

Rhythm is another of my favorites! It is everywhere. A part of who we are and how we live. It is often a very unconscious part of our everyday. Think about your day to day existence. Do you find a pattern, a rhythm to your routines? Our heartbeat is rhythm. Our pulse. Our routines as we begin and end our day are usually holding a rhythm of some kind.

The earth has rhythm. The seasons are a marker of the rhythms of the cycle of days. As a dancer, rhythm has forever been a prominent feature to my every day. 

These two features show up with great regularity within my work. My holistic facials have a devoted rhythm to them. The very product I use, Dr Hauschka, is created and based on rhythm! With each application of product, I create a rhythm. As I move into the heart of the treatment, the lymphatic stimulation, I am in a full flow of the rhythm and pace which creates the space for the deep level of relaxation that is experienced. It is through this process that I feel I am inviting you back to your own unique rhythm. We can lose our own flow very easily as we make our way through our lives. When reminded of it, our systems can relax and find our innate rhythm and the comfort found there.

As a dance instructor, of course, rhythm is a tremendous part of the entire class that I teach. Again, an invitation back to our selves and our true nature. I find that each time we are invited back to this basic concept, we can find a deeper level of relaxation and a peace within.

Ritual, to me, is another tool that gives rhythm and reason and peace to the day to day life journey. Beginning the day with time and space to honor your chosen ritual can have a profound affect on the course of the day. It can be as simple as finding a moment of quiet within. Some writing, reading or just focused breathing. Setting an intention for yourself. I have learned that the answers we seek come when we are quiet. Stop the internal chatter and stay in the heart led place.

I also really enjoy my nighttime ritual, my moon cycle ritual and my seasonal ritual! 

How do you invite ritual and rhythm into your life? Has it been helpful? Have you changed it up along the way? Do you have ritual but you call it something else?

The services I provide at blume studio, can be a wonderful way to learn and experience more about your body's natural rhythm and perhaps begin some thoughts about a ritual practice for yourself. I am currently offering a special towards my gift certificates. When you purchase one your second one is 25% off. Give a gift and also gift yourself?

Visit my website ( for more information about me and my services and see what speaks to you for your next visit! More holiday specials are on their way...

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