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And, It's Summer!

Every year, the arrival of summer takes me by surprise. Though I love the Summer Solstice and celebrate it each and every year, I am still a bit stunned by the fact that time has indeed passed by quickly and it is another summer season...

Lovely longer days, warm and soothing sunshine, lazy mornings, summer fruits and the feeling that 

time has, for a little while, slowed down. I find the summer season a good time to slow the pace of life, both personal and business. Clearing and cleaning, reorganizing and finding fresh inspiration. A great time for overdue self care.

This summer, our world is feeling chaotic, intense and often overwhelming. We are all feeling the affects of the current political climate. The energy and intensity has a direct impact on our emotional, spiritual and physical selves. Taking time away from the fray now and then, finding a respite and practicing true self care is vitally important. Do you have rituals or practices that you turn to for solace and a "reboot"? It is imperative to fill yourself up so that you have something to give without draining your own reservoir. I am grateful for the opportunity to offer a peaceful sanctuary and a menu of healing, balancing, deeply relaxing yet rejuvenating services...

For encouragement, I am extending my Yelp offer of  $15 towards your first service at blume through the month of July.  A wonderful opportunity to come check out the tranquility of this magical canyon and to invite yourself to experience true relaxation and a respite from our ever energetic lives.

In The Studio

~ A new offering, not yet on my menu of services, is Facial Cupping. I have been doing facial cupping on myself and a few clients for the past few weeks and have been pretty delighted with the results. The process is noninvasive, gentle and effective. Facial Cupping increases oxygen-rich blood circulation, strengthens skin and connective tissues. It visibly reduces fine lines and deeper wrinkles and increases efficacy of your skincare products. 

~ Did you know about my referral program? I take $25 off my listed prices for each referral you send my way. I appreciate your referrals greatly!

~ My friend and talented bodyworker, Tanya Edmonds, offers beautiful and therapeutic massage at blume. Ask about our packages!

~ I also offer Private Yoga inside the studio. It is one of my greatest joys to work with people, helping them connect their mind, body and spirit. Some of our greatest, deepest healing comes from that very connection.

Enjoy the mid summer days. Find your respite. Enjoy your down time. Try something new. Practice kindness, beginning with yourself.


~Kathleen Van Dusen

blume holistic skin care

626-290-9666  ( instagram )

Find me on Yelp to read some reviews! I do appreciate your words if you are inclined..

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