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Well, that brings us up to now..

Somehow, it is now the middle of July. July 2020. More than halfway through this year. And oh my, what a year it has been! I remember( sort of ) feeling so excited, inspired, motivated and ready to really make shit happen in 2020. This was THE year for a real shift and fresh approach to life. A new decade! A new Roaring 20's! What was possible? And then, March happened and the world shut down.

We came to a screeching bewildered halt. Chaos, pandemonium, confusion, fear, miscommunications, anger, denial. Just a cavalcade of emotions that we didn't know what to do with. We tried to listen, learn, understand, cope, adapt and pivot rapidly into this new normal. We are still in the midst of much of this. And, we have had other enormous events, horrors, challenges and upset within this already unprecedented time. It is a lot. It is exhausting.

But, I see the other side as well. The benefits if you will. We have been a spinning, whirling dervish for a very long time. Faster and faster, spinning, rushing, busy, busy. Chasing the proverbial dragon. Looking but not really seeing. Missing all the simple beauty. Missing what has been right in front of us. We have been afraid to slow down. If we aren't moving so fast, we have the opportunity to look deeper and see our truths, ourselves in the mirror. Our shadows and darkness. We have been taught to be afraid of our " dark side" and spend much of our time running from it. And now, here we are. Isolated, still, quiet and with nothing but time. I encourage you to allow yourself to look at that deeper part of yourself. Observe, explore, acknowledge. Embrace all of you so that, when we finally get past this (and we will ) you can emerge more empowered, with more clarity and hopefully less fear.

I have been waiting in a holding pattern to reopen. We had a potential to reopen but it was a false start. I miss my studio, my healing work, my beautiful clients, being in the presence of so much extraordinary energy and magic making! One of these days, we will return...

To that end, I have been busy learning about all of the new protocol and necessary safety measures, updating my various safety certifications, resupplying my products and tools as well as acquiring additional supplies to stay within mandated safety guidelines.

I have also been busy creating and curating Chakra and Eye Pillows, Neck and Shoulder Pillows, some Healing Journey Boxes and am currently working on a small Ritual Kit to add to my offerings. It has been fun and inspiring to dive into these kinds of projects. Ritual and ceremony have been an important part to my own healing journey and I am delighted to create a bit to share with you.

I will keep you updated with the reopening dates and new protocol. Be kind to yourself. These are, without question, challenging times.

Have a look at my Hand Crafted items on my ~Facebook Page: Blume Studio (

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My Grandaddy used to say " Well, that brings us up to now" whenever a conversation or situation was finished. I love it and how it keeps us in the moment but also, ready to move on.

Stay in love,


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