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To say 2020 has been a helluva year is an understatement. My world shut down on March 17th. It is mid November and my industry has just now been given the official "ok" to open. I know we have all endured so much. Challenge after challenge. All of our usual "go to" strategies for comfort and care unavailable. We have been asked to do some very deep work with ourselves and the lives we have been living. We will be sorting our way through and out of this for quite some time. And, we will have new normals. We have already left behind many of our usual ways of life on almost every level. The world as we knew it is no longer the same.

But this can be a wonderful thing! If we are being honest, many things in life were not operating at level that honored and shared the needs and rights of everyone. As we move forward, with some renewed hope and perhaps faith, we have an opportunity to approach life with fresh eyes, new strategies and priorities and open hearts and minds. New ideas to consider. New and different opportunities and chances for growth.

I, like so many in my industry, took a big hit with the shut down. Unemployment helped for a bit. ( I was compromised there as well but that is a story for another day ) I started curating healing items and products to support life's challenges with ritual and ceremony. I have enjoyed making them and had been wanting to for quite awhile. I made some subtle changes to my look and brand which feels lighter and fresh.

I started to teach my Doga class on Zoom. Can't say I like it at all but it has been at least a way to stay in the realm of teaching and seeing most of my students every week. But, again, its been too long and we have tired of it.

So, it is exciting to be able to re-open! It is different of course, with masks and extra sanitizing protocols, less people and the current level of trepidation and concern. But it is a step that feels good and hopeful.

I am now working in association with Iris Martin L.AC and Vital Integrative Medicine at the same location on Arroyo Parkway in Pasadena. We are creating a Wellness space that offers the myriad of our combined healing services using treatment plans and shared communications/modalities to provide optimum healing opportunities for our clients/patients. I now have my full menu of services available including a new one that I created as needed during the limited means of service. The Reconnection Treatment. I have been loving it and have been growing my Energy Healing work as a result. Check it out on my website and at I am also now available for House Calls to accommodate a greater level of safety and ease for those wanting that.

We are all exhausted, tentative, a bit wobbly and uncertain. We are a part of a huge transformative time. Birthing anything new takes time, determination, patience and inner strength. I am back and here to be of the best help I can. I look forward to seeing you and I can't wait to see what we all create together.

Much much love.

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