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On The Verge

In the not too distant past, it became Spring. The Equinox. The beautiful state of balance between light and dark. This is usually something I celebrate with much ritual and expression. Rebirth! Reawakening, re-emerging. Shortly after, we had a New Moon. A time of introspection and intention. Quiet and inward. Such a curious juxtaposition of light and dark. And, in the midst of this, we of course, have been bearing witness to a global crisis of pretty epic proportions..

This is asking enormous things of each and every one of us. And it has presented us with a cavalcade of overwhelming and heavy emotions. Fear and anxiety. Exhaustion and feelings of devastation. An abundance of grief. To add to this, we are in self isolation/social distancing which adds another level of emotions we may not even be able to identify. Navigating this is a delicate and uncertain journey.

I find myself observing my own process through this. Each day is different. I have learned, in profoundly difficult times, that stepping outside of all the noise and finding quiet within can be the most helpful salve. Dropping into a heart centered place changes your focus and helps you remain present. We can only BE present. " Find the Kingdom Within" I heard from Eckhart Tolle. That pure and centered place is within you, not anywhere else.

In trying to at least make some good use of my time now that I have no work, I have been decluttering. Interestingly, I found a folded paper with some excerpts that I have previously shared at the Equinox. I believe some parts came from The Mystic Mama..

"We must see the beauty in both. The beauty in pain, the beauty in the struggle, the beauty in darkness of the night as well as the beauty of the light of day and the birth of the new emerging."

" May we embrace all the devastation and pain as well as the magic and goodness that inherently exists. It is through our opposite reflection that we learn, recognize and appreciate. Let us meet in the recognition that we are all of it. And may we move with grace into the new."

We are, indeed, on the verge. On the verge of something new and potentially glorious. First, we must look at all the dark and shadows within us and around us. Look without fear but with open eyes and open hearts. Collectively and with deep love.

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