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Holding Faces

I hold faces nearly every day and have done so for years. It is so normal for me that I discovered I sometimes reach out to hold a face when just out in the world. Something calls to me and my hand reaches out to the person I am with to gently hold their face in the palm of my hand. Deeply nurturing to be sure but also I receive a compelling message to reach out at that time. This, is a big part of my work. I am an energy worker / healer who uses facials as my modality. I have been increasingly and continuously working with energy and clairvoyance. It is the most magical of experiences and brings endless messages, insight and clarity for my client through me.

I have recently had some conversations about faces. Touching them, holding them, soothing them. I was surprised really, by the perspective I was being given. One that I hadn't considered even after all this time. I had a potential new client who was looking for body work. I explained repeatedly that I don't do body work per se but could offer energy work. ( an entirely separate story...) I like to start my energy sessions with some light lymphatic therapy which includes acupressure on the face. He expressed, repeatedly that he doesn't like his face touched. This was new to me and I wanted to understand the reason behind that. I asked if his face had been touched unkindly before. " Many times" he said. He asked if I was " face obsessed"...

Was I? I hadn't given much consideration to what I thought about faces. I am intrigued by the amount of energy, stress and emotion that can be held in them. In truth there is a lot to learn from faces. There is a map within the face that adheres to the other systems and functions of the body. Where there is congestion/breakouts/irritation can be correlated to internal organs and areas of the body that might need attention. Faces offer wonderful insight. Where we hold our stress and tension is where we develop lines and wrinkles as we age. Acupressure on points on the face can offer release and restoration to other areas of the body.

Within this dialogue, I had a new client come to me with visible and palatable emotional distress. We had a beautiful, nurturing, revealing session. She asked me if I had " picked up" anything energetically around her face. I had, in fact, felt a lot of deep energy. She shared that this facial was only the second time anyone has touched her face. Her dislike for face touching was a result of both physical trauma and emotional trauma due, in part, from bullying as well as her own view of her face when she looked at herself in the mirror. Wow. This revelation has given me such fresh perspective. I am now even more, " face obsessed". And I remember, with such clarity, some years ago when I was working with a new client who was clearly deeply sensitive and holding a lot of emotion. As I held her face, both hands cradling and nurturing, she reached up, held my hands in place and with tears flowing said, "the way you are touching me reminds me to never let anyone touch me unkindly again." We both held still in that place of silence and a kind of reverence, honoring that amazing breakthrough.

I have appreciated these conversations, connections and revelations. I love the reminder that we are ever evolving, learning and growing. And I really love that holding faces is an important part of what I do. Don't be surprised if I randomly reach out to hold your face for a moment. It's all from love, nurturing and a kindly place.

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