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Ah, Spring!


       Tomorrow is the Spring Equinox! The start of Spring, my favorite season. Here in Southern California, we have had a fair amount of glorious rain making this time of renewal and rebirth exceptionally lovely.

I love the fresh energy and new beginnings feeling that often comes along with the season of Spring. Life seems more hopeful and filled with potential. Inspiration and seeds of ideas seem more potent! What ideas, dreams and visions have been showing up for you? What changes do you see possible as a way of helping create more ease, balance and joy in your life? Sometimes, taking some conscious time to be quiet and introspective, can bring us our best dreams, visions and seeds of inspiration.

For me, I have been working on more growth, personally and professionally. I have added more healing modalities to my menu of services and to my website. I am taking on more private Yoga clients, doing more Shakti Reiki services, expanded my Sacred Circle with plans to add another. I am growing my retail portion of blume with more gorgeous Dr Hauschka products and a few items from local artisans. I am working on some collaborations with some of my fellow healers and, I am developing a workshop/retreat designed to help guide women into their powerful midseason. Expansion feels good! And sometimes, scary. But, that fear can be a motivator too. It is all a process.

blume is located in the truly magical Sierra Madre Canyon. It is SO tranquil, quiet and inspiring! Let me help you find that quiet and introspective space within yourself. Experience the deep relaxation yet wonderful rejuvenation that is present with all the treatments offered. See what inspiring visions show up for you!

Visit my website ( ) to see my menu of services and offerings of skin care, reiki, chakra balancing and, I have a new page for Doga, a class I created blending my loves of dance and yoga..I would love to share them with you!

" I am so relaxed, I will never speak loudly again "  ~ quote from a new and lovely client

Blessings and peace,  ~ Kathleen Blum Van Dusen

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