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Kathleen Blum Van Dusen is a licensed Cosmetologist

working as an Holistic Esthetician and Energy Practitioner. After 30 years in the beauty and entertainment industries, she became quite passionate about the healing arts and a holistic approach to skin care, lifestyle and overall wellbeing.


In addition to working almost exclusively with Dr Hauschka Holistic Skin Care, she has added Shakti Reiki, Chakra Alignment and Lymphatic work to her repertoire, allowing for healing on a deeper level and encouraging the inherent beauty from within to shine through. Her energy work ( clearing and healing ) finds its way into each service resulting in a fresh and enlightened clarity, a deep relaxation, revitalized skin, a moment in time full of light and grace.


A life long dancer, Kathleen also teaches dance, yoga and a blend she created: Doga. She believes wholly in the therapeutic benefits that happen when the body is invited back to it's own unique and natural rhythm. A true embodiment of mind, body and spirit.


Dr. Hauschka Skincare treatment methods approach even the most complex skin conditions in a holistic manner, encouraging a return to radiant health. The healing treatments renew and harmonize the entire body with lasting results. Using pure botanical preparations and a nurturing touch, the Dr. Hauschka Treatments cleanse and revitalize the skin while encouraging deep relaxation.

Dr Hauschka skin care products began in 1967. All products contain nourishing plant extracts and natural ingredients that are, as far as possible, obtained from certified organic or biodynamic cultivation under fair trade conditions. Additionally, Dr Hauschka products contain high quality botanical oils and waxes and other naturally sourced ingredients.

There is no use of any chemical or synthetic fragrances, dyes or preservatives in any product. All products are free from mineral oil, parabans, silicons and PEGs.


It is for these reasons that I happily align myself with Dr Hauschka Holistic Skin Care. The high level of integrity, care and compassion allows me to provide my beautiful treatments with confidence, trust and pure joy.


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