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The Ritual Kits Are bundle up of one Anointing Oil, a small, honeycomb beeswax candle and a rolled slip of parchment paper. This combination is a simple way to begin adding ritual and ceremony into your life.
Parchment paper is sometimes considered “ magick” paper. Through out history, some of the oldest writings found, from various sources, are on ancient parchment paper. There is believed to be a connection to true manifesting when writing your wishes, dreams, desires, positive affirmations on parchment paper.

Write your wishes, whatever they are and what ever you are seeking to put energy towards, on your parchment. Add a few drops of Anointing Oil onto the paper, the candle and perhaps yourself. Put the paper under the candle and as you light the candle, say a blessing, prayer or invocation out loud. Allow the candle to burn. To release the energy out, burn your words/paper ( carefully! Use a cauldron or bowl to do this portion )

Rituals are personal and can be whatever you find works for you. Listen to your heart and intuition and let yourself be guided to your own ceremony..

Ritual Kit

  • Final sale, no refunds

  • Shipping within California $5 or $7 flat fee for the rest of the US. 

(626) 290-9666

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