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Handmixed oils for optimum deepening and relaxation. Choose from:

  • New Moon
  • Full Moon
  • Grace
  • Forgiveness


Anointing is the ritual act of applying an oil on a person or object as part of a ceremonial blessing.

I first created my small collection for the New and Full Moon. I have had a ritual practice with the moon for years. I will add drops of the oil to the candle I am burning, the words I have written and the tools I use and then place them in the moon light/energy. At particular times I will anoint myself as well.

More recently, I created Grace and Forgiveness as part of some Healing Journey Boxes I curated. I love the aroma blend and have found these two to be of particular service.

I find the best way to choose is to allow your intuition to guide you. So Mote it Be

Anointing Oils

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